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Two Salsas For Your July 4th Table

Making salsa is simple. It requires little prep, minimal tools and ingredients that are easy to come by in your grocery store. A certified crowd pleaser, great for vegetarians, vegans and even your meaty buddies (scoop this fruit salsa on a burger, shrimp or salmon) and delight everyone around your table.

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5 Reasons To Get Your Salsa On This Summer

While everyone else is eating warm potato and macaroni salad (gulp) this July 4th, perhaps you can choose to make a side that can double as a salad or a salsa. With interchangeable ways to use these two salsa/sides, you’re guaranteed to please guests and yourself with nutrition, hydration and leftovers.

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Chicken Soup For The Soul + Life's Simple Pleasures

After 4 days alone and quarantined in my apartment, I've been living on homemade chicken soup. It's times like these I know I'll get by because there's always stock in my home to make something. No desperate soup orders for this woman, only the finest thighs from the back of the freezer. 

The simplicity of a bowl of soup is comfort, ease and happiness and it does the same thing for me when I'm sick - minus hugs from my mom.

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Food Uncomplicated

As I sat down to my breakfast this morning, I thought about simplicity. How we as humans seek food and life answers in others when they're really inside of us. To truly get well and live our healthiest life, we have to ask ourselves some tough questions about the choices we make every day. We gotta get real about ourselves and our food and move from there. 

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