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Not Your Nonna's Fagiole (Bean) Soup

Lately I’m dropping beans into bowls like they’re hot …
1) ’Cause they’re easy to cook (hello, can opener!) and prepare well ahead of time.
2) They’re inexpensive, while also being filling. See more on #3
3) Finally, they add a meatless, high fiber protein pop to mealtime.
4) If you don’t hound the pot in week, they freeze REALLY WELL.

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Chicken Sausage With Veggies

Weeknights leave little room for making any sort of gourmet dinner, you and I both know that. But dinner also doesn’t have to be gourmet or recipe based. With work, busy schedules, the compounded effects of technology and the need to be “always on,” it’s getting harder and harder to find a work life balance … let alone get in the kitchen. 

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Pasta with Peas

Lately, I feel like it’s a miracle I’m even cooking. My spirits have been struggling, my energy low, although I’m working to wear smiles on the outside. After a day of substitute teaching, I sometimes want to close my eyes and nap, but most days I confront the light, my kitchen and make peace with myself.

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Three Ways with Tina: Eggplant Option #2 One Tray Chicken and Vegetables

On Monday I gave you a recipe for one of my three ways with eggplant, and I’m doing this so the cook that I know lives inside of you can start to look at their food a little differently. The concept of Three Ways with Tina was born out of my long term singleness, weight loss maintenance and joy of cooking; creating and shedding new

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Sweet Potato Noodles: From The Freestyle Cooking Files

This morning I left my home in snow boots and a winter coat, but by the time I got out of school at 3pm I was greeted with melted snow and a sense of calm. Although I hear there is supposed to be a blast of snow yet, again, tomorrow and Sunday. Tonight’s dinner was inspired by the sunny NYC sky and my walk home.  It’s been a minute since I made myself a dinner because I was down and out with the ills. Without a chance to do any shopping, but relying on my staples and produce from last week. So, what’s in this bright bowl of orange noodles? 

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Twisted Turkey Balls + Leftovers, It’s What’s For Dinner

Growing up Tuesday’s and Wednesday night meals were often Sunday reheats or leftovers. I always say that eating like a peasant never tasted so rich. Often times for dinner we ate stale bread with tomatoes, pasta with potatoes, canned tuna with olives and sauce, fagioli and leftover Sunday dinner bits and pieces. Our meals were home cooked every night of the week and rooted in preparation, leftovers and simplicity. This is how I developed my cooking style once I was able to understand how I was using food to support me emotionally. Now this process supports me emotionally, creatively and in an entirely new way. 

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Feed Yourself With Your Eyes + Eat With Flavor (some tips + a recipe)

An open face omelette can be stuffed with any topping, leftover, vegetable, meat, you name it. WAY QUICKER than my favorite, the frittata, this is a quick morning, evening or weekend way to make a pretty bite. Why do I say make a pretty bite? It's because we are first fed with our eyes. Similar to attraction, stares from across a room, the look over the shoulder and glance back, the bend and snap for those Legally Blonde Fans

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Mini Veggie Frittatas

Growing up eggs were a staple in our home. From eggs in purgatory to peppers, potatoes and eggs and giant frittatas - they made for an appearance at dinner least one night of the week. These mini veggie stuffed frittatas are bite sized and filled with flavor, perfect for breakfast, a quick party appetizer, mid-day snack, lunch or dinner with soup or salad.

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Dress Up Your Vegetables

I enjoy fashions and accessories, even if I can't afford much of either these days. And having worked in design for 10 years certainly helped shape how I view a plate. Your food doesn't have to look like this, but it sure is fun to try. Plating food and taking photos of it is my own little art project after the cooking is done...

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Food Uncomplicated

As I sat down to my breakfast this morning, I thought about simplicity. How we as humans seek food and life answers in others when they're really inside of us. To truly get well and live our healthiest life, we have to ask ourselves some tough questions about the choices we make every day. We gotta get real about ourselves and our food and move from there. 

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