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Hi, I'm Tina. I lost 150 pounds in my early 20’s and maintained it for two decades without any magic diets, pills, or surgeries. While I'm happy to share the early part of my story - it’s the journey of staying healthy and developing a positive relationship with food (while remaining part of my big Italian family!) that led to the real revelations. It is this journey that informs my coaching, cooking and lifestyle workshops for children and adults. 

My work goes way beyond weight loss. I believe everyone can live a balanced, aware, energized, inspired, happy habit, feeling their best- life. Are you ready to think in a new way, eat well, and get in your kitchen? Me too! Let's do it together. 




At my highest weight I was 320 pounds and I've since transformed not only my body, but my mind and attitude. Losing 150 pounds on my own took real changes. Cooking, moving and understanding the relationship I had with food changed my whole life.



Services range from Personalized Health + Cooking Coaching to Corporate, Community + Family Classes. Let me coach you through new food, cooking and lifestyle strategies. I believe everyone can create their healthiest self when they understand their habits and choices.

Food, Glorious Food

Food is my art. Shopping for it, cooking, plating and enjoying every last bite. I took the one thing I fought with for most of my life, food, and reframed my relationship to it. We all have to eat, and I want you to learn how to grocery shop and get in your kitchen.

What clients are saying …

“Tina made herself available to me and the rest of the group, providing useful tools and insight to how we associate ourselves with food.  I will definitely use her materials as reference as I work towards a more healthy relationship and conscious outlook with food.”

—Elisa L.
8 Week workshop, mindful Living + eating
New York, NY

“I learned a lot from Tina’s presentations and teachings. We’ve turned a corner as a family and are eating simpler, healthy meals together. In under three hours yesterday morning, I made enough meals for the week, each with differing flavor profiles. It’ll take me less than fifteen minutes to heat up dinner tonight. Thank you for leading the way!

—Jenny H.
8 Week workshop, mindful Living + eating
HArtford, CT

“Working with Tina is so much fun! Learning to cook and make healthy choices while chatting and laughing really makes you want to keep up the skills you’ve learned.”

—Caroline N.
private cLient, Health + cooking Coaching
 New Canaan, CT

“Tina was truly inspiring, and I found her approach to be very honest and real. She is someone who loves what she is doing and that passion shows!”

—Michelle L.
8 Week workshop, mindful Living + eating
New York, NY

"“Tina is not only passionate, funny and sweet regarding her expertise on mindful eating but she's also SO real, raw and open about her own personal struggles with food. This honestly helped me open up about my own issues with childhood obesity. Tina's social media posts and recipes continue to inspire me every day - reminding me that we have to pay close attention to what we put in our bodies.”

—aisha M.
HERE at viacom: mindful living + eating
New York, NY

“Tina's  2 part workshop for our women's employee resource group at Viacom was amazing! She encouraged us to be mindful and re-think our relationship with food. I walked away with simple and actionable tips for how to shop, cook and be a healthier me.” 

—raquel d.
here at viacom: mindful living + eating
New York, NY

“Tina continues to teach me new ways to care for my two young twin boys and my husband. Working with Tina is not just about food, it's about mindfully living.”

—Cristina C.
private client, health + cooking coaching
guaynabo, puerto rico

“I’ve eaten more vegetables in the last couple of weeks than the last couple of months.  Actually it’s pretty easy once you set your mind to it. So like that gospel about the seed falling on good earth, I like to think Tina’s workshops have taken firm root in my mind. Thanks again for helping me jump start my new lifestyle.”

6 Week Community workshop, healthy habits
Astoria, NY


“My experience working with Tina has changed my whole life. Throughout our 6-months of working together I was able to discover what my triggers are and how to deal with them in healthier ways.”

private cLient, Health + cooking Coaching
Buffalo, NY

“I have been a yo-yo dieter for the past 20 years. And, thanks to Tina I have made huge strides in changing my mindset. I’ve worked with nutritionists before but never has someone explained the connection between food and emotions quite like Tina. She is someone you can open up to because SHE is open. I never felt embarrassed or ashamed when discussing my food/emotions. Tina gave me tools to work independently. Bonus I lost 10 pounds which had been lingering for 2 years.”

—Jenny R.
private cLient, Health + cooking Coaching
Great neck, NY

“By asking questions + initiating group shares Tina continually reminded us that thinking about our actions (being mindful) leads to one small change at a time. I shared more than I thought I ever would and believe that happens because Tina shares her own journey and struggles so openly which in turn makes you feel safe and comfortable doing the same. Tina is an amazing coach and teacher.”

—Paula C.
8 Week workshop, mindful Living + eating

New York, NY

 “Tina is an absolute doll! So inspirational and focused on truly making a difference in others’ lives. Her lifestyle goals and habits are completely attainable. She teaches you a healthy balance.”

—Stephanie L.
8 Week workshop, mindful Living + eating
Hartford, CT

“Tina's cooking comes from the heart - a HEALTHY heart above all else. She teaches a cooking style that's about combining ingredients that are good for you, AND taste delicious together.  Her food makes you feel good!“

—Theresa y. 
parenthood at viacom: healthy home, happy home
new York, ny


“Tina is warm, funny and genuinely caring. She’s beyond knowledgeable in this field. Not only does she wholeheartedly believe in the work she's doing, but she is a walking example of it.”

—Gillian C.
private cLient, Health + cooking Coaching
Jersey City, NJ

Tina’s enthusiasm and love of cooking and health is infectious and you cannot walk away without wanting the same for yourself and your family. We worked together a number of times, doing a cooking boot camp, where I learned new, exciting ways to nourish myself and my family. My biggest takeaways are having Tina’s spirit and heart drive me, even while she isn’t there in person, the importance of a stocked pantry and her modular way of cooking. Do yourself a favor, and work with Tina who will not only be your biggest fan and encourager, but will also be there to lift your spirit and bring you back to basics so you are living your best life. I’m proud of the work we’ve done together and am forever grateful. I’m also so happy to call Tina my friend.

private client, health + cooking coaching
Astoria, NY

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