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Chicken Sausage With Veggies

Weeknights leave little room for making any sort of gourmet dinner, you and I both know that. But dinner also doesn’t have to be gourmet or recipe based. With work, busy schedules, the compounded effects of technology and the need to be “always on,” it’s getting harder and harder to find a work life balance … let alone get in the kitchen. 

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Three Ways with Tina: Eggplant Option #2 One Tray Chicken and Vegetables

On Monday I gave you a recipe for one of my three ways with eggplant, and I’m doing this so the cook that I know lives inside of you can start to look at their food a little differently. The concept of Three Ways with Tina was born out of my long term singleness, weight loss maintenance and joy of cooking; creating and shedding new

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Everyday I’m Grillin’ But If You Can’t, I’ve Got You

Grilling a tray of vegetables and a few chicken cutlets on the weekend is a great way to get through lunches and weeknights, but it can also be done on the fly - taking about 10 minutes on a barbecue or on a grill pan, in your kitchen. Summer is grilling season, we all know, but when you’re not blessed with a backyard, you need to find

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Slow Cooker Chipotle Chicken

Last Thursday I was walking home from work and took a terrible typical Tina tumble on the street. My bod is beat, which makes it kinda hard to do like life stuff. No one to grocery shop or do my laundry. I was tired and grandmaster cranks - but I knew the most helpful and healing thing I could do was take care of myself.

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Chicken Soup For The Soul + Life's Simple Pleasures

After 4 days alone and quarantined in my apartment, I've been living on homemade chicken soup. It's times like these I know I'll get by because there's always stock in my home to make something. No desperate soup orders for this woman, only the finest thighs from the back of the freezer. 

The simplicity of a bowl of soup is comfort, ease and happiness and it does the same thing for me when I'm sick - minus hugs from my mom.

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