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Fava Bean Fever

Peeling fava beans was a favorite childhood summertime cooking chore. Way better than mom asking me to get a new roll of paper towels or sending me to the corner store for bread. Splitting open a fava pod and peeling off the beans thick skin is a labor of mealtime love - it takes time, patience and must be done gingerly so as not to break apart your beans.

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A Hearty Bean & Kale Soup

Today it was 65 degrees and gloomy all day in NYC. A slight chill was in the air, a slight chill only soup could solve.  I’ve been on somewhat of a grind to find work, so I’m a little slow in body and mind these days, but still feel happy and pretty hopeful overall. It’s when I step into my kitchen to cook that the most hope fills me up.

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Sweet Potato Noodles: From The Freestyle Cooking Files

This morning I left my home in snow boots and a winter coat, but by the time I got out of school at 3pm I was greeted with melted snow and a sense of calm. Although I hear there is supposed to be a blast of snow yet, again, tomorrow and Sunday. Tonight’s dinner was inspired by the sunny NYC sky and my walk home.  It’s been a minute since I made myself a dinner because I was down and out with the ills. Without a chance to do any shopping, but relying on my staples and produce from last week. So, what’s in this bright bowl of orange noodles? 

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I Whipped These Zoodles Back + Forth

In an effort to use remaining roasted cauliflower, broccoli, kale and some tomatoes that were on their way out - I threw them into a pan along with zoodles I had sitting in refrigerator storage for over a week. Yes, over a week. It was about 10 days of sitting which usually never happens in my world but ... never say never. 

So, zoodles, also known in my world as Faux-Pas-Ta and zoodles DO NOT replace pasta in my book. I still eat pasta, my body was built on spaghetti (and Sophia Loren said it best and said it first "Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti.") but I do love being able to sneak more fiber into my maw and very much enjoy how all of the bright colors make me feel. I also love the spirals, the twirling, the shape and how these hold up alongside other veggies. 

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