5 Reasons To Get Your Salsa On This Summer


While everyone else is eating warm potato and macaroni salad (gulp) this July 4th, perhaps you can choose to make a side that can double as a salad or a salsa. With interchangeable ways to use these two salsa/sides, you’re guaranteed to please guests and yourself with nutrition, hydration and leftovers.

Barbecues are delicious and I try as best I can to be mindful of how I want to feel when I’m headed out to eat in the heat and enjoy holiday weekend fare. It’s a balance, and I have to remind myself of that … constantly … 

Loading your picnic basket or your summer table with whole, real food ingredients helps make those choices easier from the start. You can make the below salsa/sides using all fresh ingredients or you can opt to mix in canned ingredients. To keep my life simple, I opt for the latter. I do this ‘cause it’s sill allowing me to eat light, be mindful and it saves time. 

So, if you’re getting ready for a holiday barbecue - whether your hosting or attending one and plan to bring something potluck style … might I suggest you make one of the two options below. 

If you make both of these, it only requires 10 very basic ingredients … 

That’s nothin’ and it’s a gift that will keep on giving. Feeling savory? Feeling sweet? 

Stay hydrated by eating water containing sides as you snack, sip on cocktails and wine in someones backyard this Thursday. 

In case you need more convincing, here are 5 reasons to get your salsa on! 

  • GET A DOSE OF VITAMIN C: Lime juice, onions, and tomatoes are all sources of Vitamin C, which help prevent heart disease and promote beautiful, glowing skin.

  • BLOOD SUGAR BALANCE: Salsa is chock full o fiber without any fat or sugar! This is a stellar combo for anyone looking to add flavor to their food and snack without hitting the sugar button! Fiber helps us feel satisfied after we eat, and it won’t trigger more sweet cravings.

  • YOU CAN EAT YOUR HYDRATION: Tomatoes are made of 95% water! Fruits and veggies are HYDRATING! Our body is made of approximately 70% water which truly makes water our most basic human need. Eat up! And get those 8 glasses a day in - your brain, beautiful body and organs will thank you for it!

  • HEART HEALTHY SNACKING: Low in calories, low in fat, filled with fiber from veggies, fruit, beans! Dietary cholesterol comes from foods that come from animals. Salsa only contains ingredients that are from plants, and it’s naturally cholesterol-free (source, Healthline).

  • TAKE IT FROM SNACK TO MEALTIME: Whether you need to dip a carrot, cucumber, celery or chip - snack away! Add it to fish, chicken, tacos or even top eggs - your tastebuds will thank you!

Go ahead and make some salsa today!

Learn how here!