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Two Salsas For Your July 4th Table

Making salsa is simple. It requires little prep, minimal tools and ingredients that are easy to come by in your grocery store. A certified crowd pleaser, great for vegetarians, vegans and even your meaty buddies (scoop this fruit salsa on a burger, shrimp or salmon) and delight everyone around your table.

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5 Reasons To Get Your Salsa On This Summer

While everyone else is eating warm potato and macaroni salad (gulp) this July 4th, perhaps you can choose to make a side that can double as a salad or a salsa. With interchangeable ways to use these two salsa/sides, you’re guaranteed to please guests and yourself with nutrition, hydration and leftovers.

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Frozen Peppers Whipped Into Pesto

My freezer is stocked with frozen vegetables for many reasons, but the two main ones would be convenience and budget.  Frozen vegetables are an economical way to stay stocked on healthy goods and they only take moments to prepare with some garlic, olive oil and - of course - love.  Lately, between school, being tight on time and an income that is in constant flux, I find myself relying on the power of the freezer. 

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A Few New Ways To Use Avocados + Arugula

If you’ve read anything I’ve ever written recently or in the past, you know I’m single and over buy produce - it’s my thing. I’m a well intentioned shopper and eater who is sometimes tempted by wine, crepes, a night out or sushi on my couch. Every week I buy what looks best at the market - my only goal is to refresh my refrigerator with real/fresh food and produce.

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Truffle Shuffle: Glory Be The Cacao Nib

The base for these here truffles is the great cacao nib, chock full of REAL HEALTH benefits. It's not your over processed, sugar and chemical laden grocery store chocolate, no no no.  And the cacao nib health realness surpasses that of the dark chocolate bar (even those of the fancy fair trade variety). Cacao comes from the seeds of the fruit of the cacao tree. It's chocolate in its realest and purest state. 

And since I'm all for eating to feel good and to look good, let's be real people - eating real food makes ya skin glow like a lightbulb, brings clarity to those peepers,

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Salads Are A Meal: A True Story Of Food + Love

Anyone who says a salad isn't a meal has been 1) shopping incorrectly their whole life 2) ordering out all wrong 3) missing serious green lovin' big time.

Please note I'm not talking about fried chicken cutlet salads bathed in ranch dressing, which are cool when you're in like Phoenix, Arizona and the options are limited - I've been there

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Simple Salmon Toasts

Every day this week, I'm posting about toasting! It's a great no cook meal you can feel good about making at home in the midst of the holiday haze. No cook cooking helps boost that kitchen self-esteem when we're all too pooped to think about making meals or if you're not super confident in the kitchen to begin with. 

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