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End of Summer: Zesty Corn + Farro Salad

Summer is coming to a close and after a trip to the market, where I spied an abundance of corn, I knew I had to make a flavor packed grain salad before the time was up. For me, NJ and LI corn are a weakness, unlike their men. I kid, I kid - and that's a whole different newsletter!  Pairing corn with farro, fresh veggies, cilantro, scallions, zesty lime and smoked paprika makes for a Mediterranean meets southwestern flavor profile.

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Two Salsas For Your July 4th Table

Making salsa is simple. It requires little prep, minimal tools and ingredients that are easy to come by in your grocery store. A certified crowd pleaser, great for vegetarians, vegans and even your meaty buddies (scoop this fruit salsa on a burger, shrimp or salmon) and delight everyone around your table.

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Papaya 101

In the Healthy Habits gospel according to Tinamarie Theresa, there’s nothing like starting the day with fresh fruit. Before I left NY for Miami, the cold weather had me turnt. I work hard to channel my good mood through food as my belief is if we eat like a rainbow we will feel like a rainbow. I tried channeling the tropics

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Farmers Kitchen Sink Summer Salad

Tomorrow I head back to New York after two weeks of being in the south.  I love being with and around my family, close to the beach, the smell of salt water, rainy concrete, morning bike rides with swan sightings and cranes in the distance - I think you get it.  My mom still isn’t feeling herself, which worries me because life is fragile and

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Burger Salad Dinner Dreams

Cooking on weeknights can be frustrating, tiring, blah, blah, blah.  I know, I get it. I work too. But a burger salad could be the solution to all of your weeknight cooking woes. Yes, it's true. 8 minutes to season and saute meat, and while that's happening you can chop your romaine, cucumbers, onions, cube feta and grab some olives.

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Beat That Beet Up

A few weeks I bought my favorite pre-peeled and pre-cooked Gefen Organic Beets. 

Why do I love these whole peeled, ready to eat, vacuum sealed, organic beets?

Because they are mess and hassle free, my weeknight lunch prepping and snacky friends.

Put them in a quick salad, eat them as is (I'm strange, I can snack on sweet beets and sometimes I crave exactly that) or turn them into your favorite dip. 

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A Salad Less Ordinary + A 2 Ingredient Avocado Spread

I’ve been cooking quite a bit, but with the balancing of substitute teaching and coaching - recipe posting has taken a backseat for the moment. Waking at 5am and getting home at 4pm, although shorter than my corporate days are still somewhat anxiety filled (counting kids and making sure everyone is learning, getting along, practicing kindness and has not gone missing) but much more joyful. 
Saying I’m ok with not writing and running myself ragged while I continue to take on new work and projects makes me proud, where as in the past I would have made myself feel terrible for not doing it all.
Maybe you’re thinking, why is this broad telling me this? Just gimme the recipe for that green stuff on that salad and I’ll be on my way … 

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Christmas Carrots + How To Dress 'Em Up

Want a quick holiday side that you can make ahead? 2 words rainbow carrots.

Rainbow carrots will fill your holiday table or family salad with color. Simple to prepare and a gift that keeps on giving they're deliciously sweet when roasted. Plain roasting has always been my thing, that way I can make a veggie sing afterwards.

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Salads Are A Meal: A True Story Of Food + Love

Anyone who says a salad isn't a meal has been 1) shopping incorrectly their whole life 2) ordering out all wrong 3) missing serious green lovin' big time.

Please note I'm not talking about fried chicken cutlet salads bathed in ranch dressing, which are cool when you're in like Phoenix, Arizona and the options are limited - I've been there

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