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Two Salsas For Your July 4th Table

Making salsa is simple. It requires little prep, minimal tools and ingredients that are easy to come by in your grocery store. A certified crowd pleaser, great for vegetarians, vegans and even your meaty buddies (scoop this fruit salsa on a burger, shrimp or salmon) and delight everyone around your table.

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5 Reasons To Get Your Salsa On This Summer

While everyone else is eating warm potato and macaroni salad (gulp) this July 4th, perhaps you can choose to make a side that can double as a salad or a salsa. With interchangeable ways to use these two salsa/sides, you’re guaranteed to please guests and yourself with nutrition, hydration and leftovers.

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Bagels. Yes, I Eat Bagels.

Here’s the thing, I’m an Italian woman who grew up in a predominantly Jewish and Italian neighborhood, so, suffice to say, I don’t just like my carbs - I love my carbs. Paint my world in pasta, pizza, bialys, bagels and babaka and color me happy. Now, here’s the other thing, if I ate these things in unlimited quantities as I did when I was

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Two Speedy Stovetop Veggie Sides For Summer

This week I spent $13.49 on vegetables to get me through the week until I fly south to see the family. That said, it's been hot and sticky here in NY which means that roasting and turning on the oven is a huge no no.  Luckily, my life is pretty saucy (that's a pesto joke) and I've figured out a thing or two when it comes to cooking veggies on

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If You Ain't Dippin,' You Must Be Trippin' - Part 2

At 11:35am I made myself a hummus and almond bread sandwich with a cucumber and tomato salad on the side. Lunch doesn't get any simpler than hummus and veggies. Packed with fiber, protein and pleasing texture thanks to Trader Joe's Everything But The Bagel Seasoning.

My tip: this is a traditional hummus, but not as strong with the lemon. I use only the juice from 1/2 a lemon, a little bit of zest and a shake of cumin as I don't want the lemon and cumin competing with the Everything Seasoning. 

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