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Salted Brownies with Walnuts

For the last few days I’ve found myself feeling disconnected. Not as engaged in my own life, perhaps a touch sad and weighed down by myself and my thoughts. Having just written about the ways I try to maintain my “home” I’m totally struggling this week and I believe this is what we call being human. I don’t bake to eat, usually. I bake to get out emotion.

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10 Minute Skillet Granola

I closed in on a quick granola for the yogurt, muffin, oatmeal and fruit topping win! And I baked some apples that were looking sad in my fridge! Most days in my kitchen, cooking is about using what I’ve got in order to survive hunger, mealtime and loneliness. Lemme not go down the emotion path and keep this on the quick cooking tip!

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I'm BANANAS For You - Dessert, That Is

Yesterday I met a 5 year old who now eats a few bananas a day because Minions eat bananas and he wants to be funny and strong like a Minion. Thank you my new small friend for making me laugh and sharing in a love for bananas. While he loves bananas because of Minions, I love bananas because they are another vehicle to get chocolate into my mouth. I go wild for Trader Joe’s Gone Bananas, you know, those dark chocolate dipped frozen banana wedges? If you haven’t had them 1) you’re missing out 2) I’ve go you covered 3) don't tell me you do not like bananas, my new buddy will be very disappointed in you! 

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Carrots 3 Ways #2 + #3: Pancakes + Muffins

When I got too lazy during my carrot cake bite experiment (one lady can only roll so many balls and eat so many on her own), I decided to take the remaining batter, refrigerate it and save it for later use.

By adding the remaining carrots I grated, along with 2 eggs, some coconut oil, a splash of vanilla extract and some baking powder - I created a new batter that was fit for PANCAKE OR MUFFIN making.

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Truffle Shuffle: Glory Be The Cacao Nib

The base for these here truffles is the great cacao nib, chock full of REAL HEALTH benefits. It's not your over processed, sugar and chemical laden grocery store chocolate, no no no.  And the cacao nib health realness surpasses that of the dark chocolate bar (even those of the fancy fair trade variety). Cacao comes from the seeds of the fruit of the cacao tree. It's chocolate in its realest and purest state. 

And since I'm all for eating to feel good and to look good, let's be real people - eating real food makes ya skin glow like a lightbulb, brings clarity to those peepers,

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Carrots 3 Ways #1 No Bake Carrot Bites

In an effort to get more families and singles in the kitchen, I'm always tryin' to think up ways to consolidate what I know and learned about cooking into a functional tool. So cooking and baking aren't seen as repetitive or boring but creative and useful.

Carrots can be roasted as a side or made in to a soup. Used in stir fry, curry and noodle dishes. We all know you can bake cake with 'em and here you'll learn how to make some fun no bake bites with a recipe you can adapt into pancakes and muffins. Made with real ingredients, here’s a natural path to breakfast, sweet treats and a feel good way to get the kids involved and in the kitchen

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Banana Peanut Butter Pancakes + Notes On Cooking

Now, hear me out, waking up and making homemade pancakes isn't everyone's jam nor would I expect it to be. I'm a fool who loves cooking, experimenting, freestyling recipes and bringing them to you. And a lot of folks who are on their own personal journey to cook and feel well may be intimidated by all this cooking I do ... but I don't want you to be. Not for one minute because I've got you. 

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Raw Vegan Loaded Oatmeal Cookies

I mentioned it earlier that I'm not a big fan of baking. I enjoy the making of brownies, different types of bars, chocolate barks and nut butter cups and especially my no bake balls. I dabble in the art of raw vegan cookie dough and the other morning while horsing around in the kitchen I happened upon a happy cookie accident.

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Skillet Baked Apple "Pie"

Ask anyone that knows me well, I die for pie. I see pie and my eyes get really big, maybe even my boobs rise into my collarbone and I get a little heated. Almost like that time I was in Italy and Tony the Bello of Sorrento walked up to me on the beach while I was eating a loaf of bread in my bathing suit - and then proceeded to ask me out. Pie can last at least a week, while time with a hot man can be fleeting. But, trust me, good pie and man memories both last a lifetime.

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