Dear Fresh Direct, I Love You.

As a champion for grocery shopping, real food, cooking and caring for my home (mind, body, the actual space I live in) - when the weather gets beautiful and the weekend rolls around …

The last thing I want to do is roll my food suitcase from store to store. Sure, I love Astoria, long walks, exploring, and saying hi to my local produce people … but …  

  1. Beach > Grocery Stores

  2. Friend Time > Farmers Market Mornings

  3. Sunsets + Wine > Weekend Meal Prep

Yup, I just admitted all of that. I love grocery shopping. I love cooking. Produce totally turns me out. But we all need to manage balance in our social life and food, which means the aforementioned summer social list is not an excuse to skip a major step in my self-care …

Being President and CEO of Tina's School of Tanning is hard work. Laughing with my ladies, summer lovin' and having a blast, park walks, and margarita Saturday’s are top priorities - along with my mental and physical health. Fun and health cozily exist side by side and they have to - otherwise I'll get cranky and feel like s%^t. Which no one wants to experience. 

How do you feel when you're not taking good care of your head, heart and bod? Yeah, I know ... 

Tools like Fresh Direct make creating healthy lifestyle habits accessible. Getting groceries delivered to your home will help you get in the kitchen without missing out on having a social life. And you needn't spend all of your time shopping anymore. Even if you don't wanna hang out in your kitchen for long, now you can stock it with fruit and smart snacks without doing any real work.

Long gone are the days of weeknight cooking and recipes that entail labor intensive steps. What we really need to manage are our choices. I used to think shopping meant spending hours and hours at the store, WHICH I DO LOVE, but I love my summer tan more. Today’s shopping and cooking are all about using your time wisely. Creating a healthy lifestyle that's maintainable is all about being prepared.  

Enter my BFF, Fresh Direct. AKA Fresh D. 

So, why choose a service like Fresh Direct?

  • Delivery, Duh: For $5.99 you’re buying convenience. Line skip eye roll no more. Giant orange reusable bags show up at your door with everything YOU selected because …

  • They Have A Rating System: Fresh Direct gives you the real deal on what’s in season, what’s fresh, what’s local, what’s on sale. Their rating system from fair to excellent, tallied by stars next to all produce, meat, fish and real food items - helps me decide what I want to select for my week of eats … it does some thinking for me … which leads me to …

  • A Push To Get Inspired: When you load up your cart and select items, click on - let’s say shrimp - the Fresh D presents you with facts on this crustacean, nutrition info, how to store it, cook it and even a recipe if you like. This makes it easier to build your cart. This gives you ideas on what to cook and how to prepare the food you’re buying. So, thank you, Fresh D.

  • If You Love Online Shopping: Think about your groceries the same way. Love to load up and click on Amazon? Gap? Ann Taylor Loft? Insert store or brand you put on your body … And take into consideration what you’re putting in your body every day.

  • It’s A Time Positive Solution: We’re busy humans in a cluttered and busy world. No lines, accessible on a desktop, laptop, tablet and through an app on your phone - you can build your order, modify it, and select a time slot for delivery. Now you can grocery shop in the morning while you have coffee, before the kids get up, when they go to bed, when you have a beat during the day while at your office desk … NO EXCUSES … And don’t you dare tell me you can’t … ‘cause ya can.

Even if you filled your cart with real food that would inspire you to make a daily heart, mind and body beautiful salad … you’d start feeling better.

Take a step to get in the kitchen.

Peep at the list above to see the real food that lined my online cart. With a busy week of media production work, coaching, a food demo and a social life I’m trying to maintain … it’s quick salads, salsas, light summer fare and fish that will be my go to’s this week. I’ll be tossing, steaming, sauteing and lightly pan searing to get these goods in my body without much prep or fuss. It helps to have a stocked home; you’re bound to make wonderful choices from there!

Stop b$%^in’ and get in the kitchen!


PS: This post was not sponsored by Fresh Direct. I have nowhere near enough followers or clout to get such an endorsement, so you know I’m doing this for real. Much like why I’m writing to you right now and sharing, I believe we can all live our healthiest and happiest life when we consider how we treat ourselves and that can start with food and in your home.