A $15 Produce Refresh + This Week's Food Map

march prep 6.jpg

I spent about $15 at the market to refresh my produce and I'll combine that with leftover produce, pantry items/staples to make meals throughout the week. Because of my teaching and coaching schedule I've been eating many, many more veggie based bowls lately. Lots of colors layered with whole grains, sauces for flavor and in the evenings mainly soups/salads and toasts with avocado or hummus.

This is a system that's been working for me and to be wholly honest I probably wouldn't be cooking in such volume for myself if I wasn't trying to keep my food costs down. Going out to eat, as much as I love a dining experience or the liberty of someone else making my salads, is expensive and doesn't exactly suit my lifestyle at the moment.

If you're looking to get in the kitchen, take a look at the list below and pick out a thing or two to make. Recipes to roll-out through out the week. Simple ways to eat and live in color.  

I promise that the more real food and real color you put in your body, the better you're gonna feel. And the more you'll become addicted to feeling good. 

My Produce Re-Fresh For This Week Included

  1. Spinach: 1/2 cooked + 1/2 reserved for salads, eggs, tossing with grains or pasta
  2. Romaine Lettuce: for more salad building
  3. Orangetti Squash: roasted for lunch bowls and to be baked in the oven with sauce and cheese
  4. Red Cabbage: caramelized for depth of flavor, texture, color for bowls
  5. Avocados: to top sweet potatoes, to make avocado toasts, guacamole - I can't live without them
  6. Easter Egg Radishes: for color pops and crunch to salads and bowls
  7. Radish Greens: combined with spinach to make a pesto/green sauce
  8. Scallions: for crunch, texture, flavor and to be added as a topping and flavor booster

Leftover Veggies From Last Week

  1. Sweet + Japanese Potatoes
  2. Cherry Tomatoes
  3. Mixed Baby Bell Peppers + Shishitos
  4. Broccoli  
  5. Cucumbers
  6. Zucchini

Staples From The Freezer

  1. Turkey Chop Meat: to make baked meatballs 
  2. Frozen Berries + Bananas: to make morning smoothies 
  3. Ezekiel/Dave's Killer Bread: for toasts
  4. Red Sauce: to be used on anything and everything ... 

Staples From The Fridge *I always have the below in my home

  1. Yogurt: for sauces and veggie dips
  2. Eggs: for hard boiling, end of week frittatas or weeknight breakfast for dinner
  3. Fruit: apples + clementines for grab and go snacks 
  4. Lemons: for water, dressings, sauces and flavor pops
  5. Garlic: because ... a kitchen is not complete without it 
  6. Almond Milk: for smoothies 
  7. Butter: for sauteeing and adding neutral flavor 
  8. Dijon Mustard: for dressings + kick 
  9. Good Piece of Cheese: for melting, snacking, a flavor pop 
  10. Olives + Caper: for depth of flavor in salads, bowls and in sauces 

Staples From The Pantry

  1. Beans: to be used for hummus as my non-animal protein source 
  2. Nuts / Seeds + Butters: add to salads, smoothies, on the go snack bag 
  3. Spices: turmeric and paprika focus this week  
  4. Oils + Vinegars: for sauteing, roasting and dressing  
  5. Grains: cooking black rice this week 
  6. Tuna: canned Italian in olive oil for simple salads

Below are some food photos of what is going on in my colorful kitchen and coming up this week on Tina To Table. 

Stop bitchin' + get in the kitchen!