Nut Butter Toast + Trimmings


The beauty of toast is that YOU CAN PUT ANYTHING YOU WANT ON IT!

And my days of fearing AM carbohydrates are over, so should yours! I grew up Italian and the daughter of a woman who worked in a bakery. I ate a lotta toast as a kid, likely too much, and then restricted all bread and toast which led to more cravings. Oh the vicious and not so delicious cycle of food and our relationship to it.

So, this morning I sit here typing and telling you EAT THE TOAST! See how it feels as your eating and digesting, don't eliminate or stop eating anything UNLESS IT'S NOT WORKING FOR YOUR BODY!

Try eating it with some good butter or olive oil and a lil salt! That reminds me of childhood! 
Use nut butter only! 
Stack your nut butter toast with toppings that'll keep you full, like flax meal (also with an omega 3 punch), bee pollen (an added sweet energy source), chia seeds (high fiber, filling and meant to help you go the extra mile) and dried fruit (instead of store bought jelly).

All of the above toast toppings can also be used to fortify your oatmeal, yogurt or morning smoothies. Don't look at these ingredients and say what?!?! SAY WANT! They are multi-purpose for your pantry and meal building! 

Back to toast! 

Of course there's eggs on toast, avocado toast, smoked salmon toast, tofu scramble on toast, ricotta toast and my favorite - caprese toast. I'll be rolling out toast ideas all month long. Before you know it, you'll be a breakfast believer!

Try keeping real bread in your freezer freezer. A la my childhood, I like to hoard thick, crusty, luscious Italian and Sourdough bread along with my mainstay of Ezekiel. Why? Because I want my bread to grow mold and go bad, I want to eat food that's alive. These breads also tend to toast with more crunch and crisp, making for more satisfying bites. 

Slice and toast up today!