A Roasted Vegetable Round-Up + Why I Do It (Roast) Weekly

Roasted Fennel with Pecorino + Freshly Ground Black Pepper

Roasted Fennel with Pecorino + Freshly Ground Black Pepper

Most people who write about health and food were posting tips left and right this week about what to eat, what not to eat, what to do differently, how to avoid stuffing ...

Not me.

I had it all. I busted into the holiday with gratitude, smiles and roasted vegetables. And if you know me, you know I love my vegetables and I know you're capable of loving them too - you just might not be taking the time to make them ... which in turn may make you say, "well, I don't like vegetables." In which case I will turn to you and say, as I did to the 12 women in my workshop last week, "you're not 5, try something new and drink your water."

We're creatures of habit. I still eat some feelings every now and then, I'm a coach - I'm not impervious to feeling.  I don't hate myself for my habits and I don't think this is a bad habit. I'm managing the best I can and I understand myself. I'm aware. Life is too short. And I'm too human. 

SO ... back to roasting ... 

With the holiday season thrust upon us it's easy to not prioritize food ... am I right? Busy, gotta be somewhere, wrap a gift, have a hot date - oh no, not me, but maybe you ...The one thing I've done most weekends or one weeknight a week for the last 16 years (aside from wake up every morning and have a glass of water and go for a walk) is roast a tray of vegetables, cut up and/or steam - so I'm set for mindful mindless meal prep during the week. And I sort of hate myself for typing that because I sound like the biggest fucking bore - but I love myself  all at once. That's why I do it. The cooking, that is. 

SO ... back to roasting ...

It being Thanksgiving week and all, I roasted extra vegetables so I'd have leftovers going into this next week. I'm not a fancy eater, my daily life consists of soups, salads, grain bowls, burgers of all sorts, pastas, a lotta beans and a TON OF EGGS - all with a healthy dose of yogurt or cheese. But the mainstay being vegetables. They really are the foundation of my diet. I'm not obsessed with making the next complicated recipe, I'm obsessed with making my food taste good. And when I go out and pay for it, it needs to be better than anything I make at home. I grew up lower middle class, there was no wasting money on bad/mediocre takeout. 

SO ... back to roasting ...

Scrap all of the tips. Drink your water. Roast some vegetables and call me if you need a hand. One tray is a gift that keeps on giving, from creating super salads, bodacious bowls, fabulous frittatas, veggie loaded power house pastas ... and all you had to do was roast ... 

More guides and ideas coming at you on how I used these roasted vegetables and a few teasers below! 

Free your mind and the rest will follow.
Or roast some vegetables and the meals will follow.
Whichever floats your boat. 

All love.


Here's my round up! Tips below and a few teaser photos of what's to come this week - from a salad idea to an overstuffed frittata! Play with your food!

Left to right, starting with the top row:

  • Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges
  • Roasted Cabbage + Zucchini "Steaks" 
  • Roasted Carrots
  • Roasted Fennel
  • Roasted Kale
  • Trimmings for a week of meals
  • Roasted Veggie + Spinach Salad With Fresh Ricotta & Pomegranates
  • Over Stuffed Veggie + Chicken Sausage Frittata

Roasting Tips:

  • All vegetables were roasted in a 425 degree oven, it's the only temp I use to roast
  • I use Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Grapeseed or Avocado Oil as they have high smoke points
  • How much oil? Listen, my rule of thumb for beginners is (because once you do this a few times, you'll be a pro) to start with drizzling 1 tablespoon per lb of vegetable. You want the vegetables to be lightly coated, not swimming in oil or drenched. You're smart, you can eyeball your oil, touch your food and do this, I know you can. 
  • HAVE FUN CUTTING SHIT UP! You don't need special knives and you needn't be a master chef. I am neither and I prefer rough cutting and big honking pieces over small and delicate. I call it RUSTIC, while chefs may call it lazy - but I don't give a shit. Hence my "Steaks" are thick ass cut vegetables that are hearty and beefy in size to keep this brick house happy and satisfied (that's me, the brick house)