Stop Paying $12 For Avocado Toast! And Noticing What Food Does For You.


Here's the thing, avocado toast has been all the rage for quite some time now - but the reality is that it takes all of 7 minutes to make at home. So, why aren't you doing it and saving yourself a pretty penny? And please don't tell me you don't have time ... the average smartphone user spends between 3-5 hours on his/her device PER DAY! I made this mornings breakfast in 7 minutes for a total cost of $1.35, proving healthy is time positive and cheap cheap cheap. 

Simple to make, this toast has no special sauce and isn't infused with anything. I'm a big fan of infusing food with flavor (from lemon zest, zests in general, to cumin, other spices and miso), but my number 1 goal is to get you inspired to eat breakfast - so the simpler the better as we can work on flavor bangs later. Right? Right!

A few other points below so you know what you're getting when you come here. My mission is to educate you on habits and some things you might not be thinking about every day. To let you know that feeling well is more than food, it's understanding your brain/body and how the two work together to make up one kick-ass beautiful you.

Some notes below on my 16 years of self-research and what I'm teaching my clients:

1. Habits + Choices Are A Powerhouse: Our habits inform the choices we make every single day. Spending $12 on avocado toast and going out is likely well worth it when you're brunching with your buds, but excessive eating out and ordering out ... a choice I'd like to see people scale back on for their health.  

2. Moderation: We can have it all. All of the feelings and all of the food. I eat bread. I eat animal protein. I eat dairy. I eat sugar. I DO NOT EAT ANYTHING FROM A PACKAGE with a few rare exceptions. I don't think of any food as bad, simply how I'll feel after I eat it - which informs my choice. Moderation. A little bit of everything makes for a happy brain/body.

3. Fullness: I've been working hard to continually notice my real fullness and hunger cues. Not those caused by lack of water, habits and cravings. What does truly being hungry feel like to you? Packaged food or a quick boxed cereal will likely have you hungry again in an hour because they will digest quickly. This here toast will keep you satisfied for a few hours with it's balanced blend of carbs, fat, protein and love. Make and eat your food with love - it's more filling that way. 

4.  Balance: To me breakfast is balance, but every body's body is different. We all have a different set of needs and digestive tracts. But try to take a look at your day of eating from start to finish and see if it's balanced. Do you feel energized? Are you always hungry? Are you full at night before bed? That may be why you're not digested and ready for some fuel in the AM. Again, balance is about noticing, not being a perfect eater. There's no such thing, says the 5'7" busty brunette who eats it all and is typing and eating at the same time. Rules are meant to be broken, with a balanced perspective on it. 

4. A Note On Carbs + Packaged Food: This is bread from my local Italian bakery that I keep in the freezer because I want my bread to have the ability to get moldy and oldy, that means it's alive. Commercial/grocery store bread sits on a shelf because there are fillers in it to preserve it and keep it there. So, now imagine how long that bread may take to digest? The more ingredients something has, the longer it takes our body to process.  

Now, here's how to make that $1.35 per person avocado toast ...
Yes, I'm finally shutting up. But not for long. 


*1 avocado serves 2-4 depending upon how thick you spread that avocado, I go with a thinner spread when I'm having an egg so it's not too heavy in my belly

  • 1 ripe avocado, mashed 
  • Salt + freshly ground black pepper
  • Egg


  • Mash avocado in a bowl with a pinch of salt to taste (yes, you have to taste your food)
  • Heat a pan coated with non-stick spray over a medium flame
  • Crack egg and cover, lowering flame, and allowing the white to set
  • Cook for 3-5 minutes, noticing the white setting and the yolk as well
  • While egg is cooking, toast bread
  • Spread bread with avocado, top with egg and finish with freshly ground black pepper

Swaps + Notes

  • If you like a more runny yolk touch the top of the yolk (it'll now have a white film over the top) to see that it's soft - remove lid and remove from heat.
  • If you like a more firm yolk, continue to cook an additional 2-3 minutes until yolk is set and no longer soft to the touch.
  • Need more flavor in that avocado spread? Try infusing with a touch of lemon, lime or orange zest or a teaspoon of their juice. I also love a tiny bit of miso paste to bump up flavor a few notches.
  • Vegan: Skip the egg and load that avocado spread with the above flavors! 
tina corrado