Soul Satisfying Breakfasts + A World of Multi-Purpose Pantry Pleasures


Is your pantry bare and now you’re in a snow day scare? 


Because healthy means, chocolate and coconut for breakfast and it’s all so simple with a stocked pantry! 

Happy NYC Snow Day party people! 

If you're home and wanna get your breakfast on, might I suggest a big, bodacious bowl of super soul Thursday satisfying oats?!


For shame! It's one of my breakfast staples BECAUSE there's no need to make giant batches (I mean, you can if you want to and they'll last all week long) as they're simple enough to make on the fly! 

Make 'em plain to add variety all week long and start by tossing those recipes and get freaky with some freestyle oatmeal toppings! I use my morning oatmeal as the most legit excuse to sneak chocolate into my life bright and early (shhhhhhhhhh, don't tell, I'm a health coach!) and I HIGHLY recommend you try doing the same thing.

No need to make a big batch of trail mix or buy granola when you can freestyle with components and stock your pantry right!

You get creative with your fro yo, right?
Why not with your mealtime?


When you're stocked you can party at mealtime on the fly, then bye bye take-out because you will make the time to hang in your kitchen, start simple and have fun. Here are some basics to get you amped and going. Noting ALL of the below can be used on your yogurt and smoothies as well!

1. @dangfoods coconut chips *adds light sweetness and texture CRUNCH! 
2. @foodsalive cacao nibs and chia *a little chocolate lovin,' nibs are more on the espresso tasting side, don't melt completely so you get texture and flavor and the chia adds a powerful pop of protein! 
3. Bee pollen *a wonderful source of energy, crunchy, lightly sweet and pairs wonderfully with the below ... 
4. @traderjoes Coconut oil *for some fats to stick to your ribs AND adds a lovely layer of taste with the above toppings! 
5. A sprinkle of salt *because who doesn't need a pop of salt with their sweet to hit all mouth notes! 
6. A drizzle of @mikeshothoney *sweet, spicy, don't go over board - this isn't for the faint of heart or breakfast beginner, go with a TINY DRIZZLE of plain/raw honey or maple syrup

Spicy. Salty. Nutty. Sweet. 
Mouth feels are real and this play on flavors will keep your palate pumping, curious and satisfied. 

Get stocked for on the fly mealtime success and more ideas to come.