This is a judgment free zone. If you have a cookie and it’s delicious, I’ll want the recipe. Done. I need you to understand that you're a luxury car and what you put in that blessed-up bod of yours is a choice. Real food can change your mood and that mood has the ability to inform your habits. There will be no dieting, no points or calorie counting, blood type eating or Paleo pushing - but you best know I'm gonna make you think about what you're doing, how you're eatingand why. Consider me a food/habit super sleuth.  




Life is a marathon so don't think you're gonna come to me all hyped up and changing 90 things at once. Let's start with breakfast. I'm serious. We all wanna make many changes at once to see massive results fast, right??!! Wrong. That's not sustainable. So, I'll be reminding you of that like your very own Sergeant Slaughter.  


I've got the sorta heart that's gaping and open with a ton of space for your thoughts, habits, moods, emotions and all of it. You tell me the truth and I'm going to give you my all and best. Changes take time, they take love, positivity and are a choice. Come ready and I'll be right here waiting for you - like that Richard Marx 90's hit.   



12 x 60 minute sessions every other week in person, via phone or SKYPE depending on location.

The focus of each session is individual to client needs since no one person has the same intention with the work we will be doing. Encouragement, reminders, meal ideas, grocery shopping trips, time in the kitchen (based on location) and follow-ups following our time together are included as well as 24/7 Tina support between sessions.



4 Private Coaching, Cooking + Eating Sessions focused on food style + flavor profiles, kitchen set-up, refrigerator and pantry decluttering + organization, grocery shopping, pantry stocking, cooking tips + eating.

Together we'll cover what foods make you (+ your family) tick, ways to adapt better eating habits and setting your kitchen up for easy cooking success (I can make magical meals from frozen spinach, canned beans and tomatoes). We'll even dive into eating habits and how taking time to eat and enjoy meals that can change the way you and your family feel about food. That's right, eating practice.  Each session is approximately 3-4 hours in length with sessions occurring consecutively or weekly.



For groups of 5-35

Writing, inquiring, reflecting.  Questions--and answers. Designed to be impactful and expressive, with a focus on Mindful Living, Eating and more. Learn to connect to yourself, your daily life, habits and food. Come prepared to think, share and become aware - because when we make time and when we are given space during the work day, the results of greater positivity, creativity and increased morale in our home and work lives a can be astounding.

Various packages available upon request, including food demos! 

Clients: Axinn, Veltropp & Harkrider, HERE - Women's Leadership at VIACOM, PARENTHOOD at VIACOM + NY State Bar Association



Best suited for groups of 8-12 

Gather your little ones (I promise I'm safe and quite fun for children), friends, couples,
bachelor and bachelorette party so we can shred the kitchen with healthy, tasty foods, how
to's, music and wine or all natural juice boxes. Each cooking class is an experience and meant
to bring forth curiosity and functional cooking. Learning to cook is all about tasting your way through the the process, and I'll be guiding you along with recipe free ingredient riffing and
my pasta pumping heart!