Personalized coaching

Each service is personalized to meet the client’s specific health and lifestyle needs. Before booking any service there is a 1-hour get-to-know-you meeting. Sessions run approximately 3-4 hours.

Kitchen + Pantry Organization

  • Review what’s in your refrigerator, freezer and pantry; set healthy living + cooking goals

  • Discard old pantry and refrigerator items; plan a restocking strategy for snacks and quick meals you can cook on the fly

  • Re-organize your kitchen and cooking tools; creating an accessible space you’ll want to spend time in

Private + Family Grocery Shopping Trips

  • Meet at your home and visit grocery store(s)

  • Learn shopping strategies and label reading

  • Stock and organize your home with healthy groceries, produce and pantry items

  • Discuss how to clean and store produce

  • Follow-up notes include simple meal and snack ideas using the items in your newly stocked kitchen

Private Cooking Coaching

  • Custom menu is designed based on client lifestyle and dietary needs

  • Client purchases groceries based on a specific list

  • Prepare 3 healthy + delicious meals, together

  • Clean-up and follow-up notes included

Kitchen + Cooking Bootcamp

The above services are offered in a complete, 4-part series designed just for you. This customized coaching package is ideal for families, new moms, and anyone ready to change their lifestyle. Get the one-on-one support you’re looking for. Make the kitchen the center of your home and get cooking!  


Would you like to learn how to think about and understand your habits, choices and relationship to food? With my private health coaching, you will feel supported, stay inspired and motivated to meet your health goals.

How it works

  • 1-hour get-to-know-you meeting

  • Sessions can be purchased in 3-month or
    6-month packages, and are scheduled weekly or bi-weekly based on client needs

  • Each session is 50 minutes

  • Coaching is via phone, SKYPE or FaceTime

  • Sessions focus on building a healthy lifestyle, understanding habits and food choices

  • Journaling, time management strategies, grocery list building and cooking coaching via video may be used 

  • At the end of each session the client is given 2-3 action steps tailored to their health goals

  • Support via email/text is provided between sessions

CLAsses + WOrkshops

ClientS: Axinn, Veltrop & Harkrider, HERE - Women's Leadership at VIACOM, PARENTHOOD at VIACOM + NY State Bar Association, St. JoSeph’s Church - Astoria, Most precious blood church - astoria

These inspirational workshops were written to provide companies, communities, schools and families something that was missing in my life as a young girl--a connection with and education about food, emotions and habits … a perspective that goes beyond the simplistic “weight loss” culture.

  • Mindful Living + Eating

  • Strategies in Cooking + Snacking

  • Healthy Home, Happy Home: How To Get Your Family In The Kitchen

  • Healthy H-A-B-I-T-S ©

  • Real Food 101: How To Read Labels + Shop Smart

  • Interactive + Educational Food Demonstrations

  • Private Cooking Events + Parties

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