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Funny. Single. Solo traveler. Career changer. Food lover. Home cook. Kitchen dancer.

So, why am I here?

My coaching practice and philosophy come from my own story. I'm a 5'7" food loving Italian American brunette from Brooklyn, New York who lost 150 (ish) lbs. on her own (and I lost my accent, except when I need meatballs) and kept it off for the last 17 years. 

Our mind and body are linked, which is why developing a healthy relationship with ourselves and food can be so complex. Slowing down, writing, falling in love with cooking and food photography changed my life. For years I’ve worked towards maintaining a healthy view of my body, and I'm still a work in progress. We all are. We’re human.

Wanna learn to love yourself more? Get in your kitchen? Create a home in your actual space, your mind and body? Then I’d love to meet you.


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I've been all over the map with my relationship to food. At my highest weight I was 320 lbs and I've since transformed not only my body (that was the easy part) but my mind and attitude. Losing 150ish lbs on my own and maintaining a happy outlook informs my everyday attitude + heart.  



From one on one coaching to creative corporate workshops rooted in food + writing, individual and small group cooking lessons - even organizing your kitchen - I've got you covered. My promise is to educate every person I meet and help them build curiosity in their life, mind and heart.

Food, Glorious Food

Food is my life. Shopping for it, artfully plating and enjoying every last bite. Without cooking, I'd be lost. I took the one thing I fought with for most of my life, food, and reframed my relationship with it. We all have to eat, and I want you to learn how to get in the kitchen (a little more often)! 



Tina made herself available to me and the rest of the group, providing useful tools and insight to how we associate ourselves with food.  I will definitely use her materials as reference as I work towards a more healthy relationship and conscious outlook with food.

—Elisa L.
8 Week workshop, mindful Living + eating
New York, NY


I learned a lot from Tina’s presentations and teachings. We’ve turned a corner as a family and are eating simpler, healthy meals together. I wanted to thank her again for the meal inspiration. In under three hours yesterday morning, I made enough meals for the week, each with differing flavor profiles. Creating simple meals was key and I enjoyed the challenge! It’ll take me less than fifteen minutes to heat up dinner tonight. Thank you for leading the way!

—Jenny H.
8 Week workshop, mindful Living + eating
HArtford, CT

Working with Tina is so much fun! Learning to cook and make healthy choices while chatting and laughing really makes you want to keep up the skills you’ve learned. Even grocery shopping - which normally isn’t very fun - was a great time. As someone who doesn’t cook and has a very limited palate, I found working with Tina has expanded the foods I’m willing to try and helped me to start cooking more for myself and my family. I’m a butternut squash roasting machine now. In the past I’d only turn on the oven to make cupcakes.

—Caroline N.
private cLient, Health + cooking Coaching
 New Canaan, CT


Tina was truly inspiring, and I found her approach to be very honest and real. She is someone who loves what she is doing and that passion shows!

—Michelle L.
8 Week workshop, mindful Living + eating
New York, NY

Tina is not only passionate, funny and sweet regarding her expertise on mindful eating but she's also SO unbelievably real, raw and open about her own personal struggles with food. This honestly helped me open up about my own issues with childhood obesity. Tina's social media posts and recipes continue to inspire me every day even after the HERE Mindful Eating Seminar - reminding me that we have to pay close attention to what we put in our bodies.

—aisha M.
HERE at viacom: mindful living + eating
New York, NY

Tina's  2 part workshop for our women's employee resource group at Viacom was amazing! She encouraged us to be mindful and re-think our relationship with food. I walked away with simple and actionable tips for how to shop, cook and be a healthier me. 

—raquel d.
here at viacom: mindful living + eating
New York, NY

Working with Tina has been nothing short of life changing. Our work began as a 5 day home visit where Tina thoughtfully observed my family's routines and rituals around food. She encouraged us to make small but meaningful changes to our lifestyle and diet by cooking, swapping packages for real food - integrating more fruits and veggies into our meals. We started feeling better, happier, healthier and more connected to one another.  Within 1 month I noticed my mental health was drastically improving and I lost weight, which wasn't a part of my original goal. Eating one Tina-inspired meal made me crave another and soon I was hooked on veggie centered meals - prepping in advance for busy weeks at work and trying new flavor/texture combinations. 

After the home visit, Tina and I started working one on one as I suspected the real work would begin when my family returned to our fall routine and I, as a teacher, went back to work. Then in September 2017 Hurricane Maria hit and ravaged the food landscape of our island. For months produce was difficult and nearly impossible to find. Packaged foods became the order of the day and I felt frustration over "losing" all of the knowledge I gained. Tina's help was critical in my family's hurricane recovery, for she taught me to care for myself and the boys in the ever-changing foodscape around us. With Tina's support, my family adjusted to our limited options, selecting staples like rice, beans and root vegetables to comfort and nourish us. 

Tina continues to teach me new ways to care for my two young twin boys and my husband. Although my life is fast paced, through my work with Tina I've learned to slow down. I've discovered that how I feed myself and my family is directly correlated  to how we feel, not just in terms of food and weight, but how healthy our minds feel as well. Working with Tina is not just about food, it's about mindfully living and noticing our tendencies to live on autopilot.

Tina has taught me what balance actually looks and feels like. She is my friend, my sister, an inspiration. I can't unlearn what I've been taught.

—Cristina C.
private client, health + cooking coaching
guaynabo, puerto rico



I recently completed a life changing experience with the fabulous, wonderful, amazing Tina. Can you tell I’m obsessed with her? I have been a yo-yo dieter for the past 20 years. Yes, 20 years! And, thanks to Tina I can say I have made huge strides in changing my mindset which has in turn ended the yo yo dieting. I have worked with nutritionists before but never have I had someone explain the connection between food and emotions quite like Tina. She is someone you can open up to because SHE is open. I never felt embarrassed or ashamed when discussing my food/emotional issues. She makes you feel understood and that is beyond important. If you have any issues with food- be it nutrition, dieting, over eating, emotional eating – run, don’t walk! Tina is your girl. She will be a lifelong support system for me. Not because I will necessarily need it – thanks to Tina she gave me the tools to work independently – but because I will WANT it. She’s seriously that amazing. Oh, and bonus I lost 10 pounds which had been lingering for TWO years!

—Jenny R.
private cLient, Health + cooking Coaching
Great neck, NY

My experience working with Tina has fundamentally changed my whole life. I didn’t know what to expect when I started, but throughout our 6-months of working together (because it IS work) I was able to discover what my triggers are and how to deal with them in healthier ways. Tina has been an absolute dream to guide me through this process. She is unwaveringly supportive and consistently notices the undertone of what I’m saying and then points out how my thinking can be damaging my self-worth and contributing to my poor eating habits. Tina finds ways to get me to change my thoughts from negative to positive. We’ve also been working on teaching me to cook more and to eat REAL food, which has been another major life change – I cook now! She has what seems like thousands of easy, delicious recipes to share. I’ve developed my palate, improved my skin, dramatically improved my digestion, and of course – lost weight. But most importantly, I feel dramatically better emotionally. Much more balanced and happy. Get in touch with Tina – she will help you more than you can imagine.

private cLient, Health + cooking Coaching
Buffalo, NY

I just finished an 8-week workshop through my office with Tina entitled “Mindful Living + Eating with Intention“ and it was truly a remarkable experience. While some of the content was ‘stuff’ we already knew, Tina presented it in such a way as to inspire us to make those positive changes - from food and meal prep to sleep and self-care.

By asking questions + initiating group shares, she continually reminded us that thinking about our actions  (being mindful) may lead to one small change at a time. Even one small change is huge.  I ended up sharing more than I thought I ever would! I believe that happens because Tina shares her own journey and her own struggles so openly which in turn makes you feel safe and comfortable doing the same.  Tina focuses on every aspect of being healthy and weight is only one component.  Each of us definitely made changes over the 8 weeks and Tina was always there to cheer us on. Being in the group each week is the best but if you had to miss a session, her handouts and recaps were great.   
Bottom line … it was a wonderful 8 weeks of sharing and learning.  

Tina is an amazing coach and teacher

—Paula C.
8 Week workshop, mindful Living + eating

New York, NY


Tina is an absolute doll! So inspirational and focused on truly making a difference in other's lives. Her lifestyle goals and habits are completely attainable and she teaches you a healthy balance. It's great that she educates and shows you how to make small changes, rather than trying to change everything all at once which is when most people get discouraged!

—Stephanie L.
8 Week workshop, mindful Living + eating
Hartford, CT

Tina's cooking comes from the heart - a HEALTHY heart above all else. She teaches a cooking style that's about combining ingredients that are good for you, AND taste delicious together. She uses ingredients that are accessible - I can buy them at my local Stop & Shop - and that's important to me, as a full-time working mom with 2 boys. Her food makes you feel good - and I need all the energy I can get!

—Theresa y. 
parenthood at viacom: healthy home, happy home
new York, ny

 I've always loved healthy foods and incorporated them into my diet wherever I could, however because of my hectic work schedule, I decided to reach out to Tina for cooking coaching. Not only did Tina take the time to plan everything for me in advance, including a grocery list with cooking pointers, instructions and meal combinations - but she also took the time to teach me about proper food storage, including how to freeze meals and sauces ahead of time so that I would have delicious, healthy meals readily available to eat.

I found Tina to be extremely warm, funny and genuinely caring. She is beyond knowledgeable in this field. Not only does she wholeheartedly believe in the work she's doing, but she is a walking example of it and proof that taking a little bit of time can and will make a world of difference in your life and health.

I now consider her a friend and would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to lose weight; live a more healthy lifestyle or even if they simply want to learn new recipes to add to their repertoire. Either way it’s a win!

—Gillian C.
private cLient, Health + cooking Coaching
Jersey City, NJ

I am implementing some changes in my diet.  I’ve eaten more vegetables in the last couple of weeks than the last couple of months.  Actually it’s pretty easy once you set your mind to it.  Also getting away from the prepared/processed foods.  Going to make my own soup instead of relying on canned.

So like that gospel about the seed falling on good earth, I like to think Tina’s workshops have taken firm root in my mind. Thanks again for helping me jump start my new lifestyle.

6 Week Community workshop, healthy habits
Astoria, NY