On Meals + Food Habits


Tonight I’m sipping wine, writing while wearing my Boston Terrier pajamas and thinking about meal time, food habits and the frustration of many trying to get healthy. 

Do you frequently find yourself frustrated with what to eat?

Like making or deciding on a meal puts you into a panic?


Who says dinner has to be a meat, vegetable and potato?
Who says lunch has to be a salad or a sandwich?
Breakfast ... Eggs or yogurt?


Hush your mouth and listen. I’m looking at you, traditional meal maker and thinker. 

You see, we’ve got it all wrong. I had it all wrong for a loooooong time and what I've come to realize is that part of my long term success in maintaining a happy mouth, mind, weight and outlook with food  was not complying with the idea of a traditional meal. I focused on my habits, learned to eat what worked FOR ME and for my body. Some days my lunches and dinners look like the above and it works, like I said, FOR ME. I’ve spent a critical amount of time getting to know myself and the needs of my body. And if you’re single or if you have a family or a husband who expects a 3 course meal every night, but YOU don’t, I challenge you to think about the food that works FOR YOU. I’m all for eating together, enjoying traditional meals and answering to family time - but in those moments when you're answering to yourself, what satisfies your hunger? What makes you happy to see on your plate - or what would make you happy?

A meal can look like wine, cheese, fruit and nuts if you want it to. 
A meal can look like avocado toast and soup. 
A meal can look like a baked stuffed sweet potato.
A meal can look like a salad.
A meal can look like a burger with fries.

Notice these are all "simple" meals. No frills. Cooking and meals don't gotta be all frills, in fact, they shouldn't. We eat the majority of our meals on weeknights, so it's time to think basic and functional for YOUR life.

That's right, because foods only become off limits when we are limited by our habits surrounding food. 

A meal is simple and it’s not the meal that matters so much as the habits you’ve upheld leading into the meal.

If you skip a meal, restrict yourself regularly or “save calories” often, you’ll likely drink more wine, eat more cheese and snack on more nuts than you would had you been paying attention to your needs throughout the day.

If a stuffed sweet potato or salad doesn’t sound like a meal then we can agree to disagree, and I also want to know why you don’t believe it’s so.

A meal is anything that will satisfy our hunger, sustain our energy, digest and be used to make our body run optimally. Sure, food is pleasure, it’s taste, it’s pain, it’s joy, shit - it’s replaced sex for me at many points in time - but our relationship and decisions surrounding food is what we make of it. We have the power to choose how we eat, what we eat and where we eat it. 

Food is meant to be eaten with our eyes and mouths to nourish us. It’s to be enjoyed, absolutely, but it’s purpose is to give our great mind and booty, I mean body, energy. 

Now, what will nourish you and make you feel like your best self?

I write this as I'm sipping wine in my Boston Terrier pajamas on a Friday night.

Thanks for the pajamas, ma, they're a part of my never getting laid collection.

Now, off to enjoy some cheese.


tina corrado