Words, Food, Boobs + Skin: Coaching + Beginning Again

Mom tucked this little bag in my birthday card, the words printed on the canvas made me cry. Mostly because I wish these words for everyone. Lately I'm a faucet of tears, thoughts and thanks.

I hope everyone in my life knows:

1. What it's like to get a card from someone they love. One with hearts drawn all over the envelope and, when opened, read words of support. And if you don't, let me know, I love writing letters/cards and will happily send you one. I promise. 

2. How important it is to hold family and friends close. Less time alone (although alone time is relevant) and more time connecting makes for balance and health. 

3. To take the time to appreciate nature and the small things, like a frog hanging out on a table for two hours, a turtle in the road, swans in a lake - I could go on, but I'll close on that.

4. That beauty is never far. Palm trees, blue skies, sun rises and sunsets in the south can be just as magical as the ones out west and in far away lands. Beauty is all around us and we take it for granted. No more of that. I've been sitting on warm, dirty concrete in NY and have never been happier. Take a minute (it only takes a minute, and stop).

5. Good food is simple, uncomplicated, colorful and can be satisfying. You don't need the best pots, pans or to be a chef to get in the kitchen. It's more than researching recipes and watching a lot of Food Network. It's starting somewhere. This is what I'm teaching. You don't have to eat and live perfectly, but what you do owe yourself is to live well. I say this because of my own experiences and I know what the mind, body and heart are capable of when they're connected.


6. Living can be balanced with ice cream, laughter, hugs, bike rides, daring to dream, thighs that touch, boobs that need to be adjusted and re-adjusted, skin that's real and smiles after years of hiding. No one can tell us we're good, we're beautiful, handsome and whole. 

7. We belong to ourselves. 

8. Some days bright days may seem far away, but they're closer than we think. Life is about finding our heartbeat in small ways by making space to find the better moments and stay with them. They're small. They're often times overlooked. They're in our day to day conversations and moments of joy can be as innocent as noticing the way we speak to ourselves.


Here's to being present and doing more work from here ❤️

If you're looking to create more awareness surrounding eating habits + food through coaching, cooking simply and creatively and connecting - please contact me for a free consultation.


tina corrado